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Abstract / Nouns

Theatre & Art

Abstract / Nouns is a play, medicine or potentially two. The first play, “Abstract”, is relatively short and attempts to present the action of the second, “Nouns”, from the perspective of Time, who for our purposes is personified as a woman who plays drums. A bit like Meg White.

Director Jude Christian presented an extract from the full work at The Pleasance Theatre as part of Les Enfants Terrribles awards in 2012. This included a shortened version of Abstract and the opening of Nouns.

Abstract alternates between video and live performance. The first film here is the video sequence used in that performance. The second is an inelegant recording of the whole performance which at least puts some context to the images.

with Cariad Lloyd, Esther Smith & Phoebe Fox.
directed by Jude Christian.


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