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Bee Stings

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Melissa Dunne of Papercut Theatre commissioned this short play as part of “Cut Off” a theatrical protest about the radical cuts in government funding to the support of the arts.

It starts with an impossibly bad monologue called “The Sound Of Bees” which maladroitly conjures a dystopian future without the arts. This horrible performance is then cut short by an angry group of protestors who demand a theatrical strike, help only to discover the impossibility of preventing something being theatrical. As a last resort they instead decide to present a lack of theatre and the play ends with them about to stage a country-house murder in the style of the Mouse Trap…

It was performed at Theatre 503 in November 2010 and again at the Tristan Bates in a slightly altered form in December 2010.

with Gemma Whelan, buy Tom Golding, Lekan Lawal, David Mildon, Kristin Atherton, James Scott, Jenny Pick and Craig Hamblyn.
Directed by Francesca Seely.


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