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The Bible According To Charlie


Our first exploration of cinema took the form of an even more extended version of the joke that forms the basis of our film “Danny’s Found Jesus”. Filmed on VHS over the course of a long lazy summer holiday, this 2-and-a-half hour adaptation of the whole of the Bible was banned by our Head Teacher when we tried to sell it at school. As is the way of censorship this merely meant we were guaranteed good sales.

The following 7 clips feature Keith Malin, Sophie Jonas, Chris Blaine, Ben Blaine, Simon Petar, Gary Sumner and the voice of Patricia Ward.

The Story Of Noah.
Famous Bible Metaphors… A Storm In A Teacup.
The Story Of Moses.
The Story Of Lot & His Wife.
The Birth Of Jesus.
Jesus As A Child.
The Miracles.
The Fishermen.
St.Paul’s Letter To The Corinthians.


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