Nina Forever

A fucked up fairy tale.



Sometimes modern technology makes your life that little bit harder.

Hallo Panda

Hallo Panda

American zoologist Mark has fallen in love with London, with London's drinking culture and with moth scientist Sarah - but could she ever love a man whose job it is to wank a panda? And will Panda’s relationship advice help or hinder his keeper?

Death Of The Revolution

Death Of The Revolution

When Tony is told off for stealing a pencil, his ten year-old logic seethes at the injustice. What course of action is open to him other than to inspire juvenile revolt? With thrust, justice and his comrade pupils marching by his side, what can possibly stop him...?

Free Speech

Free Speech

Bath time dirty-talk goes tits-up.

Le Corsaire

Can the pirates save the girl?

Architects For Film – A BAFTA Masterclass In Production Design.

David Wasco & Sandy Reynolds-Wasco have created some of cinema's most iconic settings. This film explores their work with Tarantino, Wes Anderson, Michael Mann & more.

Jacque Le Cock

Two transmissions concerning philosophical and physical freedom by one of France's leading parkour experts.


Learn With Andrew: The Russian Revolution.

Not long after Russia was invented in 1800 by Jar Nicholas II, his people grew tired of his fancy living and revolted. That's how it started, right?

The Winter Sprite

It's time for the Winter Sprite to wake up and have some fun.


Lost Penguin

He's looking for a home...

Sofa Sketches

The Sofa Sketches

Life as a couple all seen from a very specific angle.


Shelter: Homes For London

Homes for London campaigns on behalf of Londoners to improve the cities housing, sadly, unlike Transport for London, HfL doesn't actually exist so you probably can't even watch these films...

Abstract Nouns

Abstract / Nouns

A play in which a woman called Polly declares war on Time and all the other abstract concepts that dominate her life.

What Time Do You Call This?

What Time Do You Call This?

Every woman's dream.

The Ice Lady

The Ice Lady

Some advice from the Ice Lady about her favourite time of year.

The Maestro

The Maestro

In 1824, conductor Michael Umlauf prepared to perform Beethoven’s 9th Symphony for its premiere – however he had worries about one of Beethoven’s new musical innovations...

Emerging Dancer

Emerging Dancer

A series of short interviews with some of the most exciting new dancers at the English National Ballet.

Bee Stings

Bee Stings

A play about arts cuts which is cut short by a protest about arts cuts.

Kitty, Kitty Romford

Kitty, Kitty Romford

Kitty, Kitty Romford is having a tough day, she's just an ordinary dame, but her boss won't get off her back and she's inner monologuing out loud again...


The 48hr Film Challenge.

Three films each dragged from conception to completion in only 48hrs.

Dum Dum De Dum

Dum Dum De Dum.

Every man's nightmare.

Go! Team

Go! Team: Keys To The City.

A music video we made for the ProMax Awards.

Steel Pulse

Steel Pulse: Global Warning.

A music video for legendary reggae group Steel Pulse.

Mr.Hudson vs Sway: Ask The DJ

A music video for Sway's remix of Ask the DJ by Ben Hudson back when he still had his own library...

The Immediate

The Immediate: Stop & Remember.

A music video for Irish 3-piece The Immediate.

Twisted Charm

Twisted Charm: The London Scene

A music video for experimental pop band Twisted Charm's debut single.

Blue Skies

Special Needs: Blue Skies

Music Video for Special Needs 2nd single, "Blue Skies".


Special Needs: Francesca

Music Video for Special Needs' debut single on Poptones.

Art Brut

Art Brut: Formed A Band

Animated music video for the debut single by Rocklands favourites Art Brut.

Danny's Found Jesus

Danny’s Found Jesus

Devout atheist Keith Malin is on the offensive when he meets up with his friend Danny, freshly back from the States and now a born-again Christian. What neither realises is that they are both in for a bit of a shock...

Old Man Dies

Old Man Dies

A love letter to a dead woman from a dying man.

Burnt Bernard

Burnt Bernard

When Tony and Sophie have a dinner party, Sophie demands that Tony invite his old friend Bernard who she's never met. Tony agrees but neglects to mention something important about Bernard...

Russell Square

Russell Square

When a misanthrope called Russell Square falls under a tube train he could be forgiven for thinking his troubles are over. However, when he finds he has fallen into the arms of an Angel called Islington he realises that his troubles are just beginning...

If Looks Could KIll

If Looks Could Kill

A cowboy shootout with no guns and a funk soundtrack.

It's A Short Film About

Willum Shakespeare’s It’s A Short Film About…

Four sketches in which we grapple with some of life's big themes.

Crowd Scene For Existentialists

Crowd Scene For Existentialists

The peaceful philosophising of Jean and Ruth is disturbed by Paul who wants to post a letter, causing all three to question the name of reality.

The Bible

The Bible According To Charlie

A collection of clips from our first feature film, an adaptation of the Bible which we shot one long summer whilst still at school.

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